These questions assess your attitudes, values and beliefs to change.  Simply print off the page and answer the questions honestly.   You can use them for yourself or you can use them with your team as discussion points....

Simply answer Yes or No to each question....

1.   I believe that when people are dissatisfied with the Status Quo it is negative and demotivating.
2.   I believe incremental changes are preferable to transformational ones.
3.   I believe drastic, transformational change is the only way to alter obsolete custom and practices.
4.   I believe complacency is the biggest enemy of change and continuous improvement.


5.   I believe when the going gets tough, it is even more important to maintain current processes and standards than to improve them.
6.   I believe ends are less important than means when it comes to identifying aspects for improvements.

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7.   I believe that recurring errors are a clear indication that the people who keep repeating the mistakes are at fault.
8.   I believe the key to successful implementation of transformational changes is how the incremental changes they spawn are managed.
9.   I believe results are even more important than how you got them.
10.   I believe the worst organisations are those which make the maintenance of their current processes and standards the priority.
11.   I believe if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,  ie leave well alone.
12.   I believe if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
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